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Cam4you utilities 7.0

Cam4You Utilities transfers digital camera images to a computer
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The Cam4You Utilities 7.0 is a program that makes it easy for a user to transfer their digital camera images to a computer. The main purpose of the software is to let the user transfer digital photos to a chosen directory, instead of one determined by the software that originally came with the camera.

The program can support most of the Canon and EOS digital cameras, but others may work also. Some of the supported digital cameras include the PowerShots, Digital Ixus, EOS kiss Digital and EOS Digital Rebel. By testing the Cam4You Utilities 7.0 with other devices will let you know if another camera is supported. In order to use the software, though, drivers are needed and have to be installed.

Almost everyone can use the Cam4You Utilities 7.0, because it supports several different languages, such as English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian and Dutch.

Installing the program is not a problem and the user can choose from two kinds. The one has drivers included and the one does not. Anyone with drivers already installed on the computer should choose to download without them, because chances are they will be doubled.

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